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You may be familiar with various types of vinyl flooring; however, hybrid vinyl plank flooring is relatively new to the market. As the name suggests, it’s a type of flooring that combines vinyl with another material. Hybrid plank flooring uses the best attributes of vinyl and laminate to provide a unique flooring solution. The manufacturing methods, styles, and sturdiness result in a cost-effective, hard-wearing floor. DIY Floors stocks a wide range of flooring solutions, including waterproof hybrid plank flooring.

Benefits of Hybrid Plank Flooring

If you’ve been searching for flooring solutions for your home or office, you would have come across vinyl hybrid options. Selecting the ideal material is critical as it should reflect your lifestyle while adding aesthetic value without requiring a large budget. Hybrid flooring is the perfect solution, and when you discover its benefits, you will understand why.

  • The beautiful appearance of vinyl hybrid floors is undeniable. There is a host of designs from which to select that suits your property. You can consider a hardwood look with various tones, which appears exactly as timber flooring would. Apart from its contribution to the physical appearance of a room, the material feels comfortable underfoot, which is ideal if you find shoes restrictive.
  • The new technology to manufacture this type of flooring allows it to be completely waterproof. When you install this material, you enjoy a timber hardwood appearance in areas that wouldn’t be suitable traditionally. It’s perfectly normal to have hybrid vinyl flooring in bathrooms or kitchens as it is resistant to water. This is incredibly handy when you have pets and kids at home, increasing the possibility of liquid spills.
  • When you invest in new flooring for your home or office, you want to ensure you obtain maximum output. Vinyl hybrid floors are highly durable, which eliminates the need to spend money on ongoing maintenance as opposed to a hardwood timber floor. Regardless of the frequency of foot traffic, these floors perform extremely well.

Tips for Getting More Value from Hybrid Flooring in Brisbane

Hybrid flooring is the answer for people who require the strength of laminate with the versatility of vinyl. While the material is naturally durable, you should exercise some care to extend its longevity.

  • To avoid dirt and sand finding their way into your flooring, invest in a suitable mat with a non-staining and non-marking rear at the entrances of your premises. Sweep and vacuum the floors regularly to avoid a build-up of dirt.
  • If you’re moving heavy furniture and equipment across the floor, avoid dragging or pushing as you can cause scratches on the surface. If you have no other option, use a mat or towel underneath the appliance to facilitate smooth movement across the floor.
  • Even though the material is waterproof, you should clean up liquid spills to avoid the transmittance of water and the creation of mildew and mould. Avoid using abrasive scrubbing tools to clean the floor.

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