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Floating Laminate Flooring

Install Floating Laminate Flooring in Your Home or Office

The convenience of floating laminate flooring has modernised how we remodel our home and office spaces by providing easy DIY installation. DIY Floors offers multiple floating floor options, including vinyl, laminate, bamboo, and carpet tiles, each available in an expansive range of colours and textures.

The Benefits of Floating Vinyl Flooring

Floating flooring has revolutionised the techniques and financial aspects of laying new floors. While providing a realistic wooden effect, they are durable and ideal for any room in your home or office.

  • Easy installation. Setting up the floor yourself saves you hundreds of dollars, and it’s relatively simple. All you need to do is ensure that your surface is level before starting your application. No need to worry about ripping your old flooring out: our floating floors effortlessly install over your existing flooring. Our easy-to-follow installation guide outlines the steps that you can follow to achieve the perfect fitting.
  • Comfortable underfoot. Our flooring is ideal for people who spend most of their time standing. The natural and comfortable texture of the planks and tiles offer a quiet ground to walk on with a realistic look and feel. The air cushion between the substrate and your floating floor provides a type of insulation, adding to the quietness of the flooring.
  • Simple to replace. As floating floors aren’t fixed to your foundation, they are easily replaceable. If something unavoidable damages one of your planks or tiles, you can pop it out and replace it with a new one—no need to change your entire floor. If you do choose to change your floor completely, floating floors offer the convenience of simple removal thanks to the absence of nails.

Solutions for Installing Your Floating Hardwood Floor

When laying your floor, consider the aesthetic that you want to achieve. Start by determining the shape and size of your room. Any direction is possible—it all comes down to a matter of taste and preference.

  • Horizontal. If your room is narrow, installing your floors horizontally, or width-wise, makes your surface area seem wider and avoids a cooped-up feeling. We recommend using lighter shades to further enhance the width of your room. Dark furniture and flooring may make your space look even narrower and can make it seem crowded.
  • Vertical. Add a sense of depth to short rooms by laying your floor vertically. You can enhance the effect of lengthwise installation by combining a light shade of flooring with darker-coloured walls.
  • Diagonal. To augment a small space with minimal effort, opting for a diagonal floor installation can make your room appear larger than it is. Usually placed at a 45-degree angle, a diagonal pattern creates an illusion of a bigger area.

Why Trust DIY Floors Regarding Floating Timber Floors in Brisbane?

Our comprehensive knowledge of floating floor solutions enables us to provide suitable advice for every project. From colour selection to installation to our exceptional after-sales service, our friendly staff can make sure that you are satisfied with your new floors. To book an appointment in our showroom, contact us.