Commercial Carpet Tiles

Use Commercial Carpet Tiles in Your Office

If you’re looking for a new rug for your office or home, commercial carpet tiles give you unlimited choices to create your own fresh and unique carpet design as they come in various colours and patterns and can be made to fit the area you want. DIY Floors should be your number choice in all your flooring needs as we supply carpet tiles and other floorings to homes and businesses throughout Brisbane.

Tips Regarding Residential Carpet Tiles

Choosing the right flooring is a huge undertaking when it comes to designing your home’s interior. Your floors are usually the first thing people will notice about your home, and you want to leave them with an excellent first impression. If you have children, you want a floor that they won’t slip on but is also easy to clean. When you look for your new floor options, consider a few thoughts.

  • Cleaning. While cleaning carpet tiled floors is relatively easy, you can soak up spills with a thick cloth and have your carpet professionally steam cleaned once a year to remove any deeply embedded residual dirt in the carpet.
  • Installation. Carpet tiles are easy to install by either gluing them down, and some come fitted with a peel and stick adhesive. Before you lay down your tiles, be sure that the area has been recently cleaned and is not damp. You will want the tiles to be at the same temperature as the floor, so we recommend that you allow the tiles to be in the room for about 24 hours to reduce the likelihood of the tiles not sticking properly or becoming uneven.
  • Choice. You will have greater flexibility when it comes to designing your floor with carpet tiles. With regular carpeting, you must sometimes choose from limited options, whereas with tiles, you can choose from traditional designs or mix and match to create your unique floor.

What You Should Know About Carpet Tiles in Brisbane

Carpet tiles give you so much more freedom with not only the colours you choose but also the design. Because they are individual, you can cut them into whatever shape you want.

  • Cost-saving. When you choose traditional wall-to-wall carpeting, you will pay a fixed amount, and you’ll often be left with cut-offs that you throw away. With carpet tiles, there will be no wastage, so you get what you pay for, saving you money in the end.
  • No underlay needed. Carpet tiles have their own padding, which means the surface will not require underlay installation before you can lay down your tiles. This not only saves you money but will also prevent any materials under the carpet from bunching up, causing your skew tiles.
  • Easy to replace. Unlike fitted carpeting, if one section of the carpet tiles is ruined, you can simply remove that specific tile and replace it with a new one. When it comes to full-floor carpeting, you will need to replace the entire area.

Why Trust DIY Floors Regarding Commercial Carpet Squares

With our knowledge of the flooring business, we can help you choose the right type of carpet for your space.

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